gNAc Annual Meeting: October 30, 2012 @ 5:30PM

Our Norwalk Arts – Greater Norwalk Arts Council Annual Meeting on October 30th to be held at FIRING CIRCUITS STUDIOS at 6:00 PM. (Please note time change.) The address is One Muller Ave. (off Rte. 7/Maine Ave. between Dunkin’ Donuts & McDonalds.)

(Directions: Broad St. light with Rte. 7, then turn right on Sniffen which turns into Muller. You will see the Firing Circuits name on building. Door on 2nd Floor will be open.).  Refreshments!  Please bring a chair if you can, though there will be some available.

Part of the agenda will focus on actions we need to take to move forward with securing non-profit status:

1) Adopt attached bylaws
2) Elect Board of Directors and Officers

REMINDER: Only members who have paid their dues can serve on the board, hold office, and vote.  Founding members who joined and paid annual dues by September 30th will be considered members in good standing through December 31, 2013.

Below is a list of all those who have volunteered to be on the gNAc Board of Directors. Additional names may be submitted prior to or during the 10/30 meeting.

1.     Hyla Crane

2.     Steve Hunter

3.     Paul Wear

4.     Wendy Bromley Bodden

5.     Steve Wallerstein

6.     Susan Wallerstein

7.     Peter Bondi

8.     Andy Garfunkel

9.     Ammon Archie

10. Chris Titus

11. Rob Kaufman

12. Marcia Powell or other Rowayton Arts Center representative

13. Lori Glavin or another WALA (Wilson Avenue Loft Artists) representative

14. Susan Grissom

15. Carol Frank

16. Kim Halas

17. Jeff Price

18. Maribeth Becker

19. Chris Bradley

20. Duvian Montoya

See you next week!


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